The “One of These Days...”
100-Year Calendar-Poster is


a Multi-Year Wall Calendar, a Long-Term Project Planner, a Dream Vacation Scheduler, the ultimate Bucket-List Calendar, a Lifetime Timeline, an Anniversary Keeper and Birthday Reminder, a Historical Push-Pin Map, a Chronological Chart AND a work of Conceptual Art.


Ned Buratovich presents the "One of These Days..." 100-Year "Lifetime-at-a-Glance" Calendar Poster

The Hundred Year Calendar is a BIG Poster with 100 small calendars on it, arranged as 10 rows of 10 decades.

See the 2014 Calendar, animated to life-size on the illustration at left. You get an idea, but the impact of this 100 Year calendar cannot be adequately portrayed on a computer monitor.

To show all the detail, your screen would have to be 20 times the resolution (1270 dpi) AND be THREE FEET WIDE!

When you see this 35x45 inch artwork up close and in person, with over 36 THOUSAND Days on it, the effect is simply stunning... and this “Conceptual Artwork” was designed to have a powerful, perspective-altering emotional effect.

What is the “One of These Days...” headline saying?

It’s saying what you say, and what I say, almost every day: One of these days, I’m going to get in shape... I’m going to get a better job... I’m going to meet someone special... I going to own my home...

And on and on, whatever, you fill in the blanks with your own particulars. The point being that most of us don’t have a concept of what we mean by “these days.” This poster paints us a picture of pretty much all the days we have. It's a visualization tool, a visual aid and it really puts “Lifetime at a Glance” in perspective.

Some people find that inspiring. Some people find it motivating and stimulating. Some find it scary and some people find it downright depressing. I call it “art,” because, like all art, it’s meant to make you feel, maybe even think, and like art, it’s meant to look good on your wall. Since it was designed by an engineer, you may also use the 100-Year Calendar-Poster as graph paper for charting out you life, both past events and future plans.

OK, I “Get It” so how can I get one of these?

You can buy one here for under $15. These calendars used to sell at $30 apiece at my workshops when I went around the country giving talks on “Live Your Dreams... One of These Days.”

The not so subtle point of my talks was that we’ve only got a limited number of days left and that one of the days printed on this 100-Year Calendar will be your last. The ultimate “deadline,” so to speak.

But I stopped doing the motivational speaking road-show and now I prefer to just let the calendar-poster make its own point. If the Lifetime at a Glance 100-Year Calendar-Poster makes its point to you, go ahead and get one (or two or three or twenty - they make memorable gifts.) Here are some more details:

Actually made to last 100 years:

Don’t wait for “One of These Days...” Get Yours Now:


Your 100-Year Calendar-Posters are shipped rolled inside a sturdy 36-inch long cardboard box via US Postal Service Priority Mail, and are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery.

Up to six Calendar-Posters can conveniently fit into one shipping box, and with a FLAT RATE shipping fee of $7.95 no matter how many calendars you order, it’s economical to order multiple copies. (If you order more than six, they just ship in a bigger box, but still at a $7.95 flat rate fee, even for 20, 30, 100 calendars.)

Clicking on the “Add to Bag” button will take you to a secure shopping cart, where you can enter the quantity you desire. Sales tax will be added for deliveries to California zip-codes.

Included FREE with your order: User’s Guide Booklet

Each 100-Year Calendar is accompanied by an informative and entertaining 14 page User’s Guide booklet. This 100-Year Calendar User’s Guide, available as a downloadable PDF covers:

Who can use a 100-Year Calendar-Poster?

Customize Your 100-Year Calendar

Complete your “One of These Days...” phrase:

Take Ownership

What in your lifetime is worth working towards? Put it out there for all to see, or at the very least, so you can see it every day.

One last concept: Think of this grid of calendar boxes like they were safety deposit boxes in your lifetime bank account.

Every day, month, year of your life, you fill another “deposit” box and this calendar becomes your accumulated treasure.

- Ned Buratovich
Conceptual Artist


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